Beyond Havana streets and postcard beaches, into the heart of Cuba.

Havana City – Mariel – Pinar del Rio – Viñales – Matanzas – Veradero – Batabanó – Isla de la Juventud


Almost 5% of Cuba’s electricity comes from renewable energy and much more is under way. As with many island nations, Cuba is building toward energy independence through local resources like wind, solar, hydro, and biomass. Inspired by their tale of determined innovation, Vittoria sails south in search of the people and places making it happen.


Cuba is the largest, most geographically diverse island in the Caribbean. Few visitors travel beyond her resorts and iconic photo-ops, but adventure awaits across rugged country and distant communities. Vittoria’s mission ventures off the trodden course to explore stories of inner Cuba, remarkable lands, and the people who call this home.